North Point Does Not Live Up To The Hype!

After much (mostly self-administered) aggrandising, the Drug Aware Pro finally kicked off this morning at North Point. Some (us) were claiming it could potentially be one of the best, most exciting days in pro surfing history. Those predictions could not have been more off the mark. But that’s just the curse of surf.

For starters, competition began several hours past initial scheduling, the result of sketchy conditions and soft waves plaguing North Point in the morning (though, with the occasional amazing moment). The first heat horn eventually sounded at 10am WA time, two and half hours after the originally outlined start.

The first surfers to sputter out of the gates were Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, and Leo Fioravanti in what was dubbed the day’s “super heat.” However, due to high-tide conditions, wonky swell angles, and altogether inconsistent sets, it turned out just being super awkward, with most of the surfers looking lost in the desultory setting.ResizedImageWzY1MCwzODNd-Screen-Shot-2017-03-29-at-6.35.28-PM

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