PureGlass Showroom

Located in the same building as our manufacturing facilities, PureGlass has built a Board Shop that caters to surfers and shapers looking to walk in and pick up new and used boards, surfboard accessories, surfboard manufacturing materials and tools, blanks, and everything else needed to get out in the water.

For Surfers: Surfboards and Surf Accessories


PureGlass carries a wide selection of used boards.  We also offer the ability to come in and talk with your favorite shaper about building a customer surfboard that will match your skill, needs and profile.  We also build for a large number of Shapers in Southern California, and you can come by to discuss which shaper might be best for you.

Traction Pads

We carry a large assortment of surfboard pads including Dakine, Gorilla Grip, Astrodeck, O&E, Kommunity, and many more.  We carry many styles, types, colors, and brands to allow you to pick one that matches your board.

Fins (Stock and Performance)

PureGlass carries one of the widest selections of performance fins in Southern California.  Come in and see the large selection of fins by Future, FCS, Lokbox, True Ames, Island Fins, Rainbow, and many others.


PureGlass offers Sympl Ocean & Earth, FCS, Dakine, and a number of other brands.  We carry many different size leashes to match your stick, including short boards, long boards, and fun boards.

Board Bags and Stretch Covers

PureGlass carries Board Bags and Stretch Covers to fit short boards, fun boards, and long boards.  We also carry single board bags, bags that will hold multiple boards, travel bags with wheels, and many other styles and types.  We carry Ocean & Earth, FCS, and Dakine brands (with new ones coming all the time).

Other Items

We also carry surfboard racks, surfboard wax and combs, backpacks, sandals, stickers and many other items.

Custom or Special Orders

Looking to get a specific item that no one in Southern California carries? Come on by and look at our manufacturer catalogs. We can typically special order most items from the manufacturers and have it delivered in a short period of time.

For Shapers: Surfboard Manufacturing Materials and Tools

Shaping and Sanding Tools

PureGlass stocks a large variety of shaping and sanding tools to allow the shaper to build their board.  This includes planers, sanding and shaping hand tools, sand paper, calipers, squares, blades, and other tools used in the shaping of your surfboard.


We carry a very large selection of polyurethane and EPS blanks. This includes a wide assortment of blank sizes, stringers, rockers and glue colors. In addition to the blanks that we carry in the board shop, we can also order any blank size with any stringer, rocker or glue that you may need and have it ready for pickup the following week. Our selection consists mainly of blanks from US Blanks and Marko Foam Blanks, however, we do carry other brands from time to time.

Board Making Chemicals

PureGlass stocks resins, tints, kits, polishes and any other chemicals needed to build a surfboard (in various convenient sizes and quantities). The offerings include both polyester and epoxy resins, surfboard tints, airbrush materials, glosses, ding repair kits, sanding, hot coating and polishing resins, and any other materials needed to build a board. Since we manufacturing surfboards every single day, we carry almost every possible board making chemical needed!

Fiberglass Surfboard Cloth

PureGlass offers fiberglass cloth to sale in both rolls, kits, and per length quantities. We offer different weights and qualities.

Ding Repair

PureGlass offers the best ding repair you can find on the west coast. Our turn around time is 5 to 10 business days.