We build boards. Surfboards, Foils, Wake, SUPs, and more. We build them for shapers, surf shops with their own brand, corporate accounts, or the guy shaping in his garage. We build from start to finish and handle the distribution for you.

PureGlass is Southern California’s premier board building and glassing facility. We build everything from ultra-light team rider boards, meticulously glossed and polished longboards to full carbon paddle boards. We can build to your exact specifications or can consult on construction techniques to bring your boards to life.

Our factory is organized into several distinct work areas, enabling us to handle many different types of work at any given time. Often you will see carbon paddle boards being made alongside grom shortboards, with some art boards scattered in as well. Our color laminators have a dedicated room where they can bring any of your intricate resin designs to life. Our epoxy laminating room handles all EPS and Epoxy constructions, including carbon fiber work.  Our large multipurpose room is where we build our larger boards and work that generally requires more area to maneuver or for vacuum bagging.

Our commitment to efficiency is further exemplified by our in-house air brusher, reducing the need for multiple stops in the production process. This not only streamlines production time but also guarantees the highest quality results right from the start. At PureGlass, we go beyond building surfboards and set the benchmark for board craftsmanship in Southern California.

Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

At PureGlass, our 3DM shaping machine helps shapers achieve efficiency without compromising precision. Located on-site, this machine revolutionizes the shaping process, allowing for unparalleled speed, accuracy and repeatability in boards produced. Whether you’re a seasoned shaper or just exploring the world of machine-assisted shaping, we offer services matching your needs.

We ship boards around the world providing shapers the opportunity to extend their reach into different markets. We have established relationships with shipping companies and can quickly get boards to where they need to go. Airfreight service from LAX and SNA allow easy access to worldwide locations, and ground freight services throughout the US is a fast economical way to deliver boards to different regions.

The PureGlass van is available for pickup and delivery of shaped blanks, finished boards, blanks ready for shaping, shaping materials, accessories, and many other items throughout Southern California. Please inquire for our delivery schedule.

We build for shapers all over the world, including Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and more. On top of our build board capabilities, we offer fully integrated distribution solutions allowing international brands to establish their presence in the US, without the hassle and added cost of international shipping.

We take pride in crafting high-end artistic surfboards that stand out as unique works of art. Whether displayed in homes, offices, or cruise ships, our surfboards stand as a testament to functional design and aesthetic excellence. We’ve produced art boards for Restoration Hardware, Billabong, Carnival Cruise Ships and many more.

We offer shaping bays for rent.  While we do not provide tools we are happy to lend our knowledge and help if needed, one of the benefits of working out of a factory producing boards daily. Please call the shop to schedule your time in one of our bays.

We offer fast, professional ding repair done by the same craftsmen who build boards day in and day out. Give us a call or bring your board in for a free professional evaluation.