PureGlass is the premier manufacturer of surfboards in Southern California. We build boards for shapers all over the world, for garage shapers, for surf shops with their own brand, for FutureFlex, for corporate accounts, and for everyone that wants the best quality glass job in the business. PureGlass can build boards at any stage of the process or any method of getting high-quality surfboards in the hands of the customer. We can use our on-site shaping machine, we can hand shape, we can glass, we can design and provide graphics, we can employ resin techniques and airsprays, we can sand, gloss and polish, and we can build boards to suit the needs of each and every shaper.

Global Shapers

PureGlass offers Global Shapers the opportunity to concentrate on the sales and marketing of their global brand and allow PureGlass handle what we do best: the overall management of the manufacture and distribution of the shapers’ boards within the U.S. and around the world. Global shapers can employ us to build their presence in the U.S. with minimal amount of time, attention, or effort. It is a great opportunity for Global Shapers to be able to manufacture locally in the U.S. without the effort of building out and managing capacity remotely.

Local Shapers

PureGlass offers Local Shapers many options to suit every need in the manufacture of their boards. We offer the ability to build boards completely, to manufacture after we receive the shaped blanks from the shaper, to supply the materials needed for shapers to build their boards themselves or to build to match any need from the shaper.

Corporate Accounts

PureGlass has extensive experience building boards specifically to go into retail locations for corporate customers. We build boards to suit for customers ranging from small restaurants looking for a menu board to large corporate accounts looking for boards to integrate into their overall retail marketing strategy.  We have the capability and experience dealing with both small, one-time orders to large orders involving hundreds and hundreds of stores.

Full Range of Services Offered by PureGlass


PureGlass offers the finest quality epoxy and polyester glass work in Southern California.  From laminating, to color work, to hot coating, to sanding, to gloss and polishing, to finish, PureGlass has extensive expertise and capabilities glassing short boards, long boards, stand-up paddle boards, and FutureFlex boards.  We take great care in producing high-quality boards for all our customers.  We know that surfers can tell the difference in how their boards are glassed, so we make sure the board goes out of our shop right the first time.


PureGlass keeps in stock a large selection of polyurethane and EPS blanks made by USBlanks, Marko Foam, and other vendors.  With PureGlass’ convenient location in Costa Mesa, shapers all over Orange County can stop in and grab the blanks they need for all their shapes.

Board Building Materials

PureGlass stocks epoxy and polyester resin, fiberglass, fin systems, fin boxes, vents and handels, shaping and sanding tools, sand paper, leash plugs, cups, pads, pigments and tints, and any other item that is required by a shaper to build a board.  PureGlass has a convenient show room with all of these items in stock ready for the shaper to come by, ask questions, and grab what is needed to glass their board.


Future Flex

PureGlass is the exclusive manufacturer of FutureFlex boards in the U.S. FutureFlex is a completely custom surfboard shaped out of high density EPS foam with a parabolic carbon fiber frame to create a board with a high energy, rapid spring back resulting in ultimate speed and drive. FutureFlex is an excellent way for shapers to extend their board line with a completely innovative board that will appeal to your customers. For the surfer, FutureFlex offers a new surfing experience that is quickly catching on as the must stick for your quiver. Contact your favorite shaper and ask them to build you a FutureFlex.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

PureGlass has extensive experience glassing and manufacturing stand-up paddle boards. We also have a number of shapers on-site who have experience shaping for stand-up paddle boards. If you are a shaper looking for a place to build your boards or a stand-up paddle boarder looking to get a custom stand-up paddle board, PureGlass is the right place to get stand-up paddle boards built.

Pickup and Delivery

The PureGlass van is available for pickup and delivery of shaped blanks, finished boards, blanks ready for shaping, shaping materials, accessories, and many other items helpful in allowing the shaper to focus on the part of their business is most important to them. PureGlass can be a shapers’ door-to-door partner in making their business successful.

Production Shaping

PureGlass offers production shaping services for shapers, board shops and customers who need to produce high-quality boards under their brand or corporate logo.

CNC Machine

C&C machine

PureGlass has a shaping machine on site for those shapers looking to use a machine to speed up the shaping process.  We have the capability to use existing files or to build new files for shapers.

Local Distribution

PureGlass is able to work with the shaper to help finish off the last step in board manufacturing…the distribution of boards to local surf shops. The PureGlass van is available for help in delivering to locations throughout Southern California.

Packing and Shipping

PureGlass ships extensively to many locations throughout the world providing shapers the opportunity to extend their reach easily into different markets.  We have established relationships with shipping companies to allow us to quickly and easily get boards wherever shapers need their boards to go.  We have packing and shipping materials on-site including boxes and bubble wrap that allow us to get boards out the door quickly or allow shapers to purchase for their own shipping.

Surfboard Repair

For surfers needing to get their boards repaired, PureGlass has a number of skilled surfboard craftsmen that can repair your board and get you back in the water quickly.

The Team

PureGlass has assembled the best board manufacturing team around. We have on staff a large team of highly talented laminators, airsprayers, shapers, sanders, and polishers to build high-quality boards, regardless of the difficulty level. We are dedicated to our craft…we live to surf AND we work in surf to surf.

The Factory

The PureGlass factory is a large facility containing a number of laminating rooms, sanding and polishing rooms, shaping bays (available for outside shapers to use), airspray rooms, CNC machine, and a large showroom that includes board making materials, accessories, used boards, blanks, and much more for sale.  The factory can handle just about any need for a shaper or a surfer. Come to us to get you surfing or to get your surfers surfing. PureGlass is here to help.