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  • Futures Fins - Triangle 9"


    This Futures fins Triangle SUP center fin is an ideal entry level fin for surf and open water use. The long base helps prevent board drift when paddling, and gives drive when surfing waves, the upright shape and smaller tip allows for easier turns. Includes Slider Plate & Screw Set. Fits all standard SUP/Longboard fin slots.

  • Futures Fins -Touring Triangle Cutaway - M


    Futures Touring fins have a swept back leading edge and highly efficient foils to increase glide and tracking without any possibility of hang ups from seaweed or debris. They are designed to maximize stability and strokes per side, even in a cross chop. Perfect for recreational exercise or racing in lakes, bays and the heaviest open ocean conditions.

  • Futures Fins -Hi Downwind


    HI DOWNWIND Over the past two years Futures has been focused on creating an elite set of downwind fins. With help from current World Champion Standup Paddler, Connor Baxter, we bring you the HI Downwind. An upright design gives this template a loose feel with positive release and a surf style tip, creating a responsive pivot to maneuver into the next bump. FIN SPECS TYPE: SPECIALTY / RACE DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 10.1" BASE: 4.85" AREA: 40.60"

  • Futures Fins -JM BOP


    JM B.O.P "The thing I tried to perfect with the JM BOP fin was versatility... When racing in and out of the surf zone and turning Buoy's etc., you need a lot of things out of your fin... 1. You need a fin that will keep your board stable. 2. To maximize the amount of strokes you can do each side without changing too often. I feel really confident having this fin in my board" -Jamie Mitchell FIN SPECS TYPE: SURF / COURSE RACE DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 9.18" BASE: 6.07" AREA: 40.0" Enhance your drive, speed and maneuverability in surf with these fins. Endorsed by one of the top sup surfing athletes of today

  • Futures Fins - Ca Downwind


    CA DOWNWIND The second fin in the series was developed with team rider and California waterman, Matt Becker. The CA Downwind provides many of the same assets as its Hawaiian counter part with the addition of a laid back leading edge to reduce kelp & debris drag. FIN SPECS TYPE: SPECIALTY / RACE DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 9.51" BASE: 6.01" AREA: 43.5"

  • Futures Fins -Weed


    The SUP WEED fin has become the Pro Open Water paddler’s fin of choice. It was designed to fly through any type of water conditions without any possibilities of drag from sea weed or hang ups of any kind

  • Futures Fins - JB - Runner Carbon


    John Becker designed the JB Runner with 58.9'' of area to give you optimum forward drive during the power phase of the stroke. This will help increase paddles per side, which translates to more controlled tracking and faster travel. The large area will also increase side to side stability, which is great for side chop conditions. The laid back leading edge keeps this fin weed free for oceans, lakes, and rivers.

  • Futures Fins -Keel


    Flat water keel Designed for flat water paddling, the Keel is the fastest fin we make. The shallow depth and long water line make it perfect for shedding lake grass and dodging shoals, and the carbon fiber construction make it an extremely lightweight fin, increasing buoyancy and efficiency. FIN SPECS TYPE: specialty / race DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 6.45" BASE: 7.02" AREA: 44.4"

  • Futures Fins -Colin 2 + 1 - RTM


    Futures SUP Colin McPhillips Signature 2 + 1 Enhance your drive, speed and maneuverability in surf with these fins. Endorsed by one of the top sup surfing athletes of today

  • Futures Fins - Triangle Cutaway - S


    As our team’s favorite all-around fin, the unique design of the Triangle Cutaway places more surface area deeper in the water, providing stability in all conditions. The cutaway template is designed to reduce drag, improving efficiency and number of strokes per side. As you develop more paddling technique your need for area to keep you tracking straight decreases.

  • Futures Byron Kurt


    The BK Race by Futures will give the user lightweight all around stability and performance in all conditions for the beginning paddler to the Elite racer. The template’s area is upright with enough area in the back so that the fin works well for buoy turns and coming in and out of the surf