FCS II -JW- PG Tri Set

FCS II -JW- PG Tri Set

Julian Wilson's signature fin. Ideal for beach breaks; smaller centre fin provides quick tail release. SIZE MEDIUM MATERIAL PERFORMANCE GLAS


really excited about the upcoming release of my signature FCS JW1 fin. I’ve
spent most of this year refining the fin to get it perfect. It’s a medium size
performance fin with a slightly smaller center fin. It’s really fast and
responsive, and it gives me the performance I need for my style of
– Julian Wilson

Jules rides this fin in everything from 1
foot to 4-6 foot. We asked him why surfers should ride his fin, his reply was;
This fin won’t hold you back, it’ll let you do everything you desire… if
you can do it?

The JW1 is a medium size fin geared towards fast,
aggressive surfing. The side fin template lends elements of Kelly Slater’s K2.1
and the FCS G-5, delivering fast pivotal surfing in critical sections. A
slightly smaller center fin template also triggers quick tail release. Julian
Wilson’s signature thruster set comes with smaller center fin and is ideal for
performance shortboard and fish models.

Board Style:
Thruster (Tri-Fin) FCS 2 ONLY.
Weight Category:
Optimum weight range:M 143lbs-176lbs.
Fin Dimensions Front:
Height:4.62 in. 117.3 mm
Performance Glass