Futures – Future ILT Colored Box Set for Thruster.

Futures - Future ILT Colored Box Set for Thruster.

Introducing the new colored boxes from Futures with Interwoven Laminate Technology (ILT). The lightest, strongest fin system in the world now bonds even better to the skin of your board. The cutouts in the ILT Box create a stronger bond without increasing weight, because resin is interwoven between the flange of the box and the fiberglass of the board. The interwoven resin forms pillars that lock the fiberglass to the flange with a solid physical connection. The colored ILT boxes are all made in Huntington Beach, CA. Mix and match for some wild colorful additions to your board.

$20.25 — $60.00

Box Depth:
2 units, Depth of box is 3/4″ Used as side boxes on thruster. 1 unit, Depth of box is 1/2″, used as center box on thruster. 3 screws included.
Black Blue Green Neon Orange Neon Yellow Purple Red