Futures Fins – AM1 – Honeycomb

Futures Fins - AM1 - Honeycomb

Futures AM1 is the Al Merrick Channel Islands fin template. This is a smaller template for medium sized light footed surfers. A solid base with small tip is perfect for a fast loose style. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks.


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The AM1 Hex RTM is available in BLUE (as seen here) or in Smoke Glass and  (all available in the PureGlass Online Store).  The FAM1 BLUE RTM fin has a lightweight foam hex core that provides the look and feel of a glass-on fin.  It is engineered with a medium flex pattern, and it is great for all conditions.

Al Merrick
Board Style:
Thruster (Tri-Fin)
Fin Line:
Honeycomb – Removable Glass-Ons
Weight Category:
Medium (145-180lbs, 65-80kg)
Fin Dimensions Front:
Height: 4.50″ Base: 4.50″ Area: 14.84″ sq
Fin Dimensions Rear:
Height: 4.29″ Base: 4.31″ Area: 13.35″ sq
Surfing Style:
Release (Flat Foil) – For light footed surfers or powerful waves.
Fin Performance:
Looser Fins – Less area fin great for fin free maneuvers.