Futures Fins – AM1 – Honeycomb

Futures Fins - AM1 - Honeycomb

The AM1 Honeycomb, designed by All Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards is a medium size Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 6.1. Featuring the neutral flex pattern this fin's wider base provides increased drive off of the bottom ideal for high performance surfing. A refined tip allows for easy release off of the top and additional rake provide more hold on rail, resulting in an ideal set for point breaks or open faced waves. The center fin is smaller for increased maneuverability.


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Al Merrick
Board Style:
Thruster (Tri-Fin)
Weight Category:
Medium (145-180lbs, 65-80kg)
Fin Dimensions Front:
Height: 4.50″ Base: 4.50″ Area: 14.84″ sq
Fin Dimensions Rear:
side fins Area 14.84 Height 4.50 Base 4.50 Foil FLAT center fin Area 13.35 Height 4.29 Base 4.31 Foil SYMM