Futures Fins – MB2 – Lost-5-Fin – Honeycomb

Futures Fins - MB2 - Lost-5-Fin - Honeycomb

A good set of fins. A really good set of fins.


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The MB2 5-fin is designed by …Lost designer Matt Biolos is a combination of a stiff, drivey thruster designed to provide stability and hold through turns for the larger surfer and a Quad option designed to thrive in his small-wave fun board designs. The wider base of the Quad rears provides hold in wide-tailed boards while the thruster set is ideal for performance surfing.
This fin has been designed to help you feel the true contours of each Lost Surfboard. It can be used with other boards to make them not suck also.
Matt Biolos
Board Style:
Weight Category:
Large (180lb+) (80kg+)
Fin Dimensions Front:
HEIGHT: 4.65″ BASE: 4.50″ AREA: 15.45″
Fin Dimensions Rear:
HEIGHT: 4.22″ BASE: 4.21″ AREA: 12.75