Futures Fins – Hayden – Quad Rears

Futures Fins - Hayden - Quad Rears

The Haydenshapes quad rear pair is a fin designed to give the speed of a quad fin, whilst maintaining turn in the pocket. The fin has a scimitar twist with 3 deg of splay in the base and 6 deg in the tip, which is designed to give drive down the line from the base and release and speed through turns from the tip. The fin design suits a centrally placed quad setup which has the speed of a quad and turn of a tri fin setup


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One of worlds top shapers brings his new quad fins to Pureglass..

D. Haut
Board Style:
Quad Rears
Fin Dimensions Rear:
HEIGHT: 4.20″ BASE 3.99″ AREA: 12.09″
Generation fins combine the perfect blend of unique carbon & fiberglass layups to provide all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control