Futures Fins – V2F4 – Vector 2 – Black Stix 3.0

Futures Fins - V2F4 - Vector 2 - Black Stix 3.0

Blackstix have a flexible Carbon Fiber tip that loads up and releases energy for generating speed when you need it. These are the lightest fins in the Futures line.


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The F4 Blackstix fin is one of the most balanced templates we offer, making it one of the most popular fins in our lineup. The springy flex pattern of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil give this fin a lively feel, making it an ideal choice for generating speed and increased drive in smaller waves while the thicker tip provides hold when you’re on rail.



Small (105lb – 155lb) (47kg – 70kg)
side fins:
height: 4.37″
base: 4.22″
area: 14.22″
center fin:
Height: 4.37″
base: 4.22″
area: 14.22″
D. Haut
Board Style:
Thruster (Tri-Fin)
Fin Line:
Vector II – Increase Hold & Speed
Weight Category:
Small: 65-155 lbs (30-70 kg)
Fin Dimensions:
Height: 4.37″ Base: 4.22″ Area: 14.22″ sq
Black Stix
Surfing Style:
Balance (Vector II Foil) – For a blend of drive and release. Create speed while maintaining flow for all surfers.
Fin Performance:
Stiffer Fins – Larger area fin with increased traction. Better for power carves and solid bottom turns. Strong Hold.