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  • Dakine - Matt-Meola-Pro Pad


    "My new camo and orange grip was inspired by my love of hunting and the outdoors. The vertical kick insures maximum leverage out of every turn. The vert kick keeps your foot from slipping off the back of your board which ensures safer landings." -Matt Features Dakine Positraction Three piece pad 10mm center arch 25mm vert wedge tail kick with beveled edges Arch bar cut outs increase grip Specs 11.25" x 10.75" (29 x 27 cm)

  • Prolite Kerr Traction Pad


    This Josh Kerr traction pad features a Micro-Dot groove pattern giving it a light weight, responsive feel. Micro-Dot traction absorbs less water and is less likely to rash your knees in tropical climates. 3 Piece Pad. Micro-Dot groove. Pad length 300mm, width 300mm. Kick height 28mm. Arch-length 175mm, height 4mm, width 48mm. •Micro-Dot Groove. •3M Glue. •Pad length 300mm, pad width 295mm. •Kick height 25mm. •Arch length 150mm, arch height 5mm

  • Futures Fins - Ando - Black Stix 3.0


    Ando Blackstix 3.0 When Futures was challenged with the task of making Craig Anderson a signature fin, we knew the Speed Generating characteristics (springy, fluid & responsive) of our Blackstix line would suit his effortless style perfectly! Carbon fiber in all the right places combined with our V2 foil allow Ando to keep speed while setting up big maneuvers down the line, even when the waves are lacking power. dimensions size: Large (180lb+) (80kg+) side fins: height: 4.56" base: 4.54" area: 15.50" foil: v2 center: height: 4.56" base: 4.54" area: 15.50" foil: symmetrical

  • Ocean & Earth - Premium One Piece Leash 10'


    The Ocean & Earth line of Leashes.

  • Chippa Wilson Pad Octopus


    Chippa Wilson makes this pad just for his exciting kind of surfing. Big airs, massive turns this pad keeps your foot on the board. 50%Tail Kick / 30mm

  • T-Shirts from Pure Glass


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  • Vitamin Blue - Pure Glass - Roof Racks.


    27" Tailgate Tie-Down Pad Non Logo SUP (MADE in U.S.A.) by Vitamin Blue $38.50 Tailgate Tie-Down Pad 27" SUP Non Logo Black Non Fade 600 denier with webbing tie-down straps and metal webbing clamp. Holds up to (2) SUPs in truck bed. Will fit tailgate tops up to 4 inches thick. MADE in U.S.A

  • FCS II Mayham Large Tri-Quad Set - Carbon Core


    Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos's signature fin for teeth gritting hacks. SIZE LARGE MATERIAL PC CARBON

  • Ocean & Earth - Premium One Piece Leash 8'


    The Ocean & Earth line of Leashes.

  • Astrodeck - Barney Traction Pad


    The Astrodeck line of Traction Pads. 5 Pcs . Built in Arch 45 degree to vert kick

  • Futures Fins -Keel


    Flat water keel Designed for flat water paddling, the Keel is the fastest fin we make. The shallow depth and long water line make it perfect for shedding lake grass and dodging shoals, and the carbon fiber construction make it an extremely lightweight fin, increasing buoyancy and efficiency. FIN SPECS TYPE: specialty / race DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 6.45" BASE: 7.02" AREA: 44.4"

  • Futures Fins - EA - Techflex


    Eric Arakawa's fin template, the Futures EA fin. Time to drive into overtime. With a full base and a narrower tip, this fin throws buckets. It is a very popular balanced template that performs in a variety of conditions. It allows you to stay on rail and makes it easy to generate your own speed. Ry Craike's fin of choice for sloppy days and West Oz Slabs.

  • Ocean & Earth - Multipurpose Rax Roof Racks


    The Ocean & Earth line of Roof Racks. Padded rax designed to carry combinations of surboards, snowboards, skis & other loads. Tough straps & PVC pads withstands sharp edges of skis & snowboards. Easy to attach & remove. Includes storage bag.

  • Surfboard Roberts Mutant Five Fin Epoxy Surfboard.


    DESCRIPTION It's Alive!!! The Mutant is a small wave groveler that gives you tons of down-the-line speed with great control for high-speed turns. It is a very similar but more high performance version of the Mush Machine. This board is sized 6-to 9 inches shorter, 1.5 inches wider and 1/8 inches thinner than your high performance short board. ​Makes a small session fun while allowing the rider to still perform. Helps replace a longboard or a bulky fish style board that can hinder performance surfing. FEATURES Picture ROCKER Flat overall rocker with a touch of entry rocker and flip in the nose. Picture RAILS Medium full. Picture BOTTOM Extreme double concave. Picture FINS Five boxes. Ride it tri, quad or twin. Picture WAVE TYPE Ankle to shoulder high. Weak to slightly punchy.

  • Futures Fins - V2 Roberts - Vector 2 - Honeycomb


    Futures Vector 2 Roberts fins in white/cyan. PureGlass builds boards for Roberts.

  • Prolite Timmy Reyes Traction Pad


    •3 piece pad. • Micro-dot groove. •Pad length 300mm, pad width 295mm. •Kick height 25mm. •Flat pad. •Micro-Dot Groove. •3M Glue. •Pad length 300mm, pad width 295mm. •Kick height 25mm. •Arch length 150mm, arch height 5mm

  • Futures Fins - JJF -Grom John John Florence Signature Fin - Honeycomb


    The Futures Grom John John Signature fin in black with green tip.

  • Futures Fins -Hi Downwind


    HI DOWNWIND Over the past two years Futures has been focused on creating an elite set of downwind fins. With help from current World Champion Standup Paddler, Connor Baxter, we bring you the HI Downwind. An upright design gives this template a loose feel with positive release and a surf style tip, creating a responsive pivot to maneuver into the next bump. FIN SPECS TYPE: SPECIALTY / RACE DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 10.1" BASE: 4.85" AREA: 40.60"

  • FCS Fins - PC-7 - Performance Core


    The FCS PC-7 Performance Core fin in Smoke.

  • Roberts Surfboard


    A new Roberts board Carbon on tail top area with a yellow air spray gives this board a unique look and an added value. Tri fin Futures is a great choice for fins, we will include a set of the Alpha 8 fins with a fin key. The price includes shipping to a business, If you want shipment to residence. please contact us with address for a quote,, usually this will add $50 to total price. Contact if you have any questions.

  • FCS II Mick Fanning PC Tri Set


    FIN MATERIAL PERFORMANCE CORE MORE INFO FIN SIZE MEDIUM -Blue (65 - 80Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs) LARGE -Black (75 - 90Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs) MORE INFO FIN SPECS MEDIUM (Blue): Base: 4.35" / 110mm Depth: 4.50"/ 114mm Area: 14.62"² / 9434mm² Sweep: 36.0° Foil: Flat LARGE (Black): Base: 4.49″ / 114.0mm Depth: 4.67″ / 119mm Area: 15.70″² / 10131mm² Sweep: 36.0° Foil: Flat MORE INFO

  • Ocean & Earth - Fish/Funboard Traction Pad


    The Ocean & Earth line of Traction Pads.

  • FCS II KA PC Tri Set - Performance Core


    Kolohe Andino's signature fin. Delivers a lively mix of drive, pivot and release

  • Futures Fins - AM2 - Honeycomb


    Futures AM2 fin. The AM2 is a larger rider template by Al Merrick. It is a popular for the light footed large surfer. The large base with medium tip helps with powerful bottom turns and releasing the fins off the top. This fin means power. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks.

  • Ocean & Earth - Double Compact Shortboard Coffin

    from $170.00

    The Ocean & Earth Double Compact Shortboard Coffin combines their most compact design with the ability to pack two boards in one bag. It is perfect for protecting one or two of your favorite shortboards in the most minimal form. O&E's line of compact board bags are designed to be sleek while providing the best protection for your stick.

  • FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set


    • Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response. • Well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT). • Ideal for surfers who want a reliable ‘All Round’ fin delivering a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns. • New Linear Flex: 3D Twist and roll action delivers a smoother fee

  • Futures Fins - RM - Rob Machado - Vector 2 - Carbon/Bamboo


    Rob Machado's fin template, the Futures Vector 2 Rob Machado fin set. Rob's fin uses renewable, fast growing, bamboo representing a step forward for the environment. The light and resilient carbon bamboo matrix stores and releases energy for fast and explosive surfing. A medium balanced template for medium surfers designed to perform in a variety of conditions. The fin has a medium tip and base allowing you to stay on rail and generate your own speed with ease. The extremely lightweight resilient carbon fiber and sustainable bamboo matrix stores and releases energy for fast and explosive surfing.

  • FCS II Fins - Firewire PC Carbon Tri-Quad Set


    PERFORMANCE CORE CARBON MORE INFO FIN SIZE MEDIUM (65 - 80Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs) MORE INFO FIN SPECS TRI SET SIDE: Base: 4.37" / 113mm Depth: 4.89" / 124mm Area: 15.78"² / 10180mm² Sweep: 32.1° Foil: Flat TRI SET CENTRE: Base: 4.38" / 111mm Depth: 4.57" / 116mm Area: 14.91"² / 9622 mm² Sweep: 34.7° Foil: 50/50 QUAD REARS: Base: 4.34" / 110mm Depth: 4.01" / 102mm Area: 12.70"² / 8194 mm² Sweep: 33.7° Foil: 50/50 MORE INFO PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW Designed by Nev Hyman, the Firewire Tri-Quad (5 fin) template sits deep in the water and has minimal sweep, meaning it has great pivoting capabilities yet will hold nicely through turns. The smaller centre fin provides additional tail release. IDEAL CONDITIONS A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves. BOARD TYPES Performance shortboards and hybrid models with the FCS II Fin System. Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. Free Shipping TRI FIN SETUPS Also available: The FCS II Firewire Tri Fin