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  • FCS Fins - PC-2 - Performance Core


    The FCS PC-2 Performance Core fin in Green/Clear. Lightweight performance fin with a stiff flex pattern and IFT designed for lighter surfers. Ideal for tight pocket surfing in smaller waves.

  • Dakine - Simpo-Pro-Pad


    It's all about the compound! DAKINE Posi Traction stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won't rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. Our specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. We use only the best 3M PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to insure that your pad will never peel off until you take it off. Only the best from DAKINEee piece pad 10mm center arch 25mm steep rolled tail kick with beveled edges

  • Futures Fins - F4 - CONTROL SERIES


    The F4 is one of the most balanced templates we offer, making it one of the most popular in our lineup. This Control Series construction of fiberglass and uni-carbon is stiff and durable, making them ideal for controlling speed in heavy conditions. These fins fit into the 1 - 3 Ride Number range as the most Speed Controlling options in our line.

  • FCS II Fins - Firewire PC Carbon Tri-Quad Set


    PERFORMANCE CORE CARBON MORE INFO FIN SIZE MEDIUM (65 - 80Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs) MORE INFO FIN SPECS TRI SET SIDE: Base: 4.37" / 113mm Depth: 4.89" / 124mm Area: 15.78"² / 10180mm² Sweep: 32.1° Foil: Flat TRI SET CENTRE: Base: 4.38" / 111mm Depth: 4.57" / 116mm Area: 14.91"² / 9622 mm² Sweep: 34.7° Foil: 50/50 QUAD REARS: Base: 4.34" / 110mm Depth: 4.01" / 102mm Area: 12.70"² / 8194 mm² Sweep: 33.7° Foil: 50/50 MORE INFO PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW Designed by Nev Hyman, the Firewire Tri-Quad (5 fin) template sits deep in the water and has minimal sweep, meaning it has great pivoting capabilities yet will hold nicely through turns. The smaller centre fin provides additional tail release. IDEAL CONDITIONS A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves. BOARD TYPES Performance shortboards and hybrid models with the FCS II Fin System. Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. Free Shipping TRI FIN SETUPS Also available: The FCS II Firewire Tri Fin

  • FCS II Mayham Large Tri-Quad Set - Carbon Core


    Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos's signature fin for teeth gritting hacks. SIZE LARGE MATERIAL PC CARBON

  • Nate Tyler Pad Octopus


    A new pad from Octopus. This is a 3 piece pad with corduroy grove. Find more info at

  • Astrodeck - Barney Traction Pad


    The Astrodeck line of Traction Pads. 5 Pcs . Built in Arch 45 degree to vert kick

  • Futures Fins - Fuller Quad - Honeycomb


    The Fuller Quad is quickly becoming the go to option in waves of consequence. Consistent with Danny’s performance in this kind of surf, these fins deliver equally impressive results. The fiberglass materials provide stability and control, when you need it most. This Quad Set is providing a new level of drive, hold and control, tailor made for the Quad craze in draining tubes.

  • Futures Fins - RM - Rob Machado - Vector 2 - Carbon/Bamboo


    The Machado signature fin, designed by California style-master Rob Machado, is a medium size Speed Generating fin with a Ride Number of 9.8. This reissued set is now made in Futures’ proprietary Blackstix construction, but still with an additional layer of bamboo that’s become synonymous with the Machado thruster. The combination of carbon and bamboo materials and the V2 foil create a very lively feel, ideal for high performance in the pocket surfing

  • Surfboard Roberts Mutant Five Fin Epoxy Surfboard.


    DESCRIPTION It's Alive!!! The Mutant is a small wave groveler that gives you tons of down-the-line speed with great control for high-speed turns. It is a very similar but more high performance version of the Mush Machine. This board is sized 6-to 9 inches shorter, 1.5 inches wider and 1/8 inches thinner than your high performance short board. ​Makes a small session fun while allowing the rider to still perform. Helps replace a longboard or a bulky fish style board that can hinder performance surfing. FEATURES Picture ROCKER Flat overall rocker with a touch of entry rocker and flip in the nose. Picture RAILS Medium full. Picture BOTTOM Extreme double concave. Picture FINS Five boxes. Ride it tri, quad or twin. Picture WAVE TYPE Ankle to shoulder high. Weak to slightly punchy.

  • Futures Fins - AMT - "The Robber" - Al Merrick Twin Fins - Honeycomb


    The Futures AMT "The Robber" Al Merrick Twin Fins in Smoke Honeycomb. Trailing fin included! This Al Merrick Twin fin is used in Rob Machado's Signature Twin model.

  • Prolite Kerr 2 Traction Pad


    This Josh Kerr traction pad features a Micro-Dot groove pattern giving it a light weight, responsive feel. Micro-Dot traction absorbs less water and is less likely to rash your knees in tropical climates. 3 Piece Pad. Micro-Dot groove. Pad length 300mm, width 300mm. Kick height 28mm. Arch-length 175mm, height 4mm, width 48mm. •Micro-Dot Groove. •3M Glue. •Pad length 300mm, pad width 295mm. •Kick height 25mm. •Arch length 150mm, arch height 5mm

  • Ocean & Earth - Longboard Premium One Piece Leash 9'


    The Ocean & Earth line of Leashes.

  • Futures Fins - Josh Mulcoy - 5-Fin - Honeycomb


    The Mulcoy 5-fin was designed by William Riedel of Stretch Surfboards for waterman Josh Mulcoy to control speed whether he’s using them in his kite board or surfing point breaks. This five-fin is a variation of the Stretch Quad with a smaller quad rear and a thruster center fin to provide maximum stability, drive and release in either set up. dimensions size: Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg) front/center: height: 4.55" base: 4.24" area: 14.57" Rear fins: height: 3.79" base: 3.80" area: 11.08

  • FCS Fins - PC-7 - Performance Core Bamboo


    The FCS PC-7 Performance Core Bamboo fin in Bamboo/Black.

  • Futures Fins - F8 - Vector 2 - Black Stix 3.0


    The F8 Blackstix fin is one of the most balanced templates we offer, and the largest in our Blackstix lineup. The springy flex pattern of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil give this fin a lively feel, making it an ideal choice for generating speed and increased drive in smaller waves while the thicker tip provides hold when you’re on rail.

  • Futures Fins - CTG - Techflex


    Future Fins CTG Tech Flex The Future Fins CTG is a BRAND NEW Fin for Futures going into 2014. Groms a better flex pattern is FINALLY here! That's right! The CTG is an upright pivoting fin for groms, small riders and light weight surfers. OR use these fins in SMALL surf or to loosen up a stiff board! Either way, throw that tail! Try the CTG in Tech Flex if it's a bit punch and you're looking for extra speed. Future Fins CTG Fin Size: Height 4.25 in. 10.80 cm. Base 4.06 in. 10.31 cm. Area 13.00 in.² 83.87 cm.² The Future Fins CTG available: in Green Tech Flex.

  • Futures Fins - FEA Quad - Fiberglass


    The EA Quad Control Series, designed by Hawaiian shaper Eric Arakawa, is a medium size Speed Control fin with a Ride Number of 3.0. Master Hawaiian shaper Erica Arakawa created this set to provide hold and maximum speed in fast, heavy, barreling waves. The solid fiberglass construction features a single layer of uni-directional carbon fiber for weight reduction and response, making the EA Quad setup a go-to set for chargers like Reef Mcintosh during serious Backdoor days.

  • Resin Research KWIK KICK Hardener Gallon


    Resin Research KWIK KICK Hardener Gallon

  • FCS II Fins - Reactor PC Carbon Tri Set


    IDEAL CONDITIONS Suits hollow waves and punchy beach breaks. BOARD TYPES Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-low rocker. *Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. FIN SIZE SMALL (55Kg - 70 Kg)MEDIUM (65Kg - 80 Kg)LARGE (75Kg - 90 Kg) FIN SPECS: SMALL Base: 4.22" / 107mmDepth: 4.45" / 113mmArea: 14.18"² / 9150mm²Sweep: 31.9ºFoil: Flat FIN SPECS: MEDIUM Base: 4.34" / 110mmDepth: 4.57" / 116mmArea: 14.96"² / 9650mm²Sweep: 31.9ºFoil: Flat FIN SPECS: LARGE Base: 4.45" / 113mmDepth: 4.68" / 119mmArea: 15.73"² / 10150mm²Sweep: 31.9ºFoil: Flat

  • FCS II Fins - Performer PC Tri Set


    • Reliable all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers, conditions and board types. • Well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT) delivering a balance of drive, pivot and hold. • Designed for surfers wanting a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns.

  • Futures Fins - JJF - John John Florence Signature Fin - Techflex


    The Futures John John Signature fin in black with blue tip.

  • Futures Fins - JJF -Grom John John Florence Signature Fin - Honeycomb


    The Futures Grom John John Signature fin in black with green tip.

  • FCS Fins - PC-7 - Performance Core copy


    The FCS PC-7 Performance Core fin in Smoke.

  • Futures Fins - PS - Pancho Sullivan Signature Fin - Fiberglass


    PANCHO CONTROL SERIES The Pancho was designed for North Shore powerhouse, Pancho Sullivan. This fin offers a balanced template with a thick tip to hold Pancho’s signature rail gouges. The Control Series construction of fiberglass and uni-carbon is stiff and durable, making them ideal for controlling speed in heavy conditions. These fins fit into the 1 to 3 Ride Number range as the most Speed Controlling options in our line.

  • John Doe Pad Octopus


    The John Doe pad is a 2 piece flat pad with 50% tail kick/ 27mm

  • Futures Fins - V2 Roberts - Vector 2 - Honeycomb


    Futures Vector 2 Roberts fins in white/cyan. PureGlass builds boards for Roberts.

  • FCS II Fins - FCS Filipe Toledo Signature Fin


    Save 8%

    FCS FCSII Filipe Toledo Signature Fin $120.00 The lightest fin in the FCS range. Revolutionary new core material.

  • SMPLE - Ghost Ride Pad