Surfboard Raxx

Surfboard Raxx

Tactical, frequently referenced tool to put top quality into the perfection of your surf passion. This is a MUST HAVE for any surf wagon. "One of the things I need all the time but could never really get was to have a portable means of repairing my board, that wasn't too flimsy or heavy while not at home in the shaping room especially in an area with less than ideal surroundings to lay a board down." Having the background of being a Master Welder,(Founder and Designer, Edgar Apodaca)ED set out to make a stable platform to hold a board while: waxing, de-waxing, cleaned or rez repairer; that was convenient and dependable. "I called on my experience shaping boards and the ways I hold the board in order to plan a smaller, lighter & more portable way to support the board on the go" - ED The result was a folding "X" pattern that will hold your board for whatever it is you're doing and fold up to fit flat in a closet, trunk of car or tucked under any small space and stout enough in weight to give a solid platform even in the sand. The surfaces where your board contacts the metal are designed with special formulated padding protection to comfortably nestle your prized board.The Board Raxx System leaves you with a reliable method of holding your board in a variety of positions for displaying or lightly wiping. From portable shaping racks to full size industrial shaping stands, to custom build everything to suit your needs. "The Standard Surf Raxx" or Board Raxx Model-SS. Also Available are the larger SUP Surf Raxx for limited time only. and Please call for details regarding the pro- Board Shop Shaping racks. You can Order Online through pay pal.


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