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  • Futures Fins - Roberts Medium 5-FIN


    ROBERTS (M) 5-FIN The next level in speed generating fins is here with the all new Generation Series. These fins will provide all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control. Sitting one notch below the Blackstix on our Ride Number scale, all Generation Series fins hold Ride Numbers between 9 to 7, for those of you looking for a bit more stability & drive than Blackstix.

  • Futures Fins -Touring Triangle Cutaway - M


    Futures Touring fins have a swept back leading edge and highly efficient foils to increase glide and tracking without any possibility of hang ups from seaweed or debris. They are designed to maximize stability and strokes per side, even in a cross chop. Perfect for recreational exercise or racing in lakes, bays and the heaviest open ocean conditions.

  • Futures Fins -EA CONTROL SERIES


    The EA was designed by Eric Arakawa as a well balanced template with a medium tip, making the EA one of our most popular fins for medium sized surfers. The Control Series construction of fiberglass and uni-carbon is stiff and durable, making them ideal for controlling speed in heavy conditions. These fins fit into the 1 - 3 Ride Number range as the most Speed Controlling options in our line.

  • Futures Fins -Keel


    Flat water keel Designed for flat water paddling, the Keel is the fastest fin we make. The shallow depth and long water line make it perfect for shedding lake grass and dodging shoals, and the carbon fiber construction make it an extremely lightweight fin, increasing buoyancy and efficiency. FIN SPECS TYPE: specialty / race DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 6.45" BASE: 7.02" AREA: 44.4"

  • Futures Fins - Hayden - Quad Rears


    The Haydenshapes quad rear pair is a fin designed to give the speed of a quad fin, whilst maintaining turn in the pocket. The fin has a scimitar twist with 3 deg of splay in the base and 6 deg in the tip, which is designed to give drive down the line from the base and release and speed through turns from the tip. The fin design suits a centrally placed quad setup which has the speed of a quad and turn of a tri fin setup

  • Futures Fins - Triangle Cutaway - S


    As our team’s favorite all-around fin, the unique design of the Triangle Cutaway places more surface area deeper in the water, providing stability in all conditions. The cutaway template is designed to reduce drag, improving efficiency and number of strokes per side. As you develop more paddling technique your need for area to keep you tracking straight decreases.

  • Futures Fins - RM - Rob Machado - Vector 2 - Carbon/Bamboo


    The Machado signature fin, designed by California style-master Rob Machado, is a medium size Speed Generating fin with a Ride Number of 9.8. This reissued set is now made in Futures’ proprietary Blackstix construction, but still with an additional layer of bamboo that’s become synonymous with the Machado thruster. The combination of carbon and bamboo materials and the V2 foil create a very lively feel, ideal for high performance in the pocket surfing

  • Futures Fins - AM3 - Honeycomb


    The AM3 Honeycomb, designed by legendary shaper Al Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards, is a small size Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 4.7. Designed for lightweight surfers to perform in all conditions, the Honeycomb material offers a neurtal flex pattern. The template's extended rake is ideal for powerful carves and the thin tip provides for optimal release off of the top.

  • Futures Fins - Josh Mulcoy - 5-Fin - Honeycomb


    The Mulcoy 5-fin was designed by William Riedel of Stretch Surfboards for waterman Josh Mulcoy to control speed whether he’s using them in his kite board or surfing point breaks. This five-fin is a variation of the Stretch Quad with a smaller quad rear and a thruster center fin to provide maximum stability, drive and release in either set up. dimensions size: Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg) front/center: height: 4.55" base: 4.24" area: 14.57" Rear fins: height: 3.79" base: 3.80" area: 11.08

  • Futures Fins -JM BOP


    JM B.O.P "The thing I tried to perfect with the JM BOP fin was versatility... When racing in and out of the surf zone and turning Buoy's etc., you need a lot of things out of your fin... 1. You need a fin that will keep your board stable. 2. To maximize the amount of strokes you can do each side without changing too often. I feel really confident having this fin in my board" -Jamie Mitchell FIN SPECS TYPE: SURF / COURSE RACE DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 9.18" BASE: 6.07" AREA: 40.0" Enhance your drive, speed and maneuverability in surf with these fins. Endorsed by one of the top sup surfing athletes of today

  • Futures Fins - Akila - Twin Fins - Fiberglass


    The Akila Twin fin redefines the classic theory of the twin-fin design and shapes it into a more high-performance model. The Akila twin's fiberglass material combined with a wide base and extra tall height gives this fin maximum drive, while the thinner tip offers release and spring off the top.

  • Futures Fins - Hayden Shapes HS3 - Honeycomb


    The next level in speed generating fins is here with the all new Generation Series. These fins will provide all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control. Sitting one notch below the Blackstix on our Ride Number scale, all Generation Series fins hold Ride Numbers between 9 to 7, for those of you looking for a bit more stability & drive than Blackstix.

  • Futures Fins - Jordy Smith - Medium - Honeycomb


    The Futures Jordy Smith Honeycomb fin in Red/Black Nova

  • Futures Fins - F4 Quad - Honeycomb


    Futures F4 fin in quad setup in clear/black.

  • Futures Fins - EA - Techflex


    Eric Arakawa's fin template, the Futures EA fin. Time to drive into overtime. With a full base and a narrower tip, this fin throws buckets. It is a very popular balanced template that performs in a variety of conditions. It allows you to stay on rail and makes it easy to generate your own speed. Ry Craike's fin of choice for sloppy days and West Oz Slabs.

  • Futures - John John - TechFlex- Large


    The lightweight Techflex material and responsive flex pattern continues to be the ideal choice for one of the most progressive, high performance surfers in the world and is now offered in a size that best fits surfers in the large range.

  • Futures Fins - V2 Rusty 1 - Vector 2 - Black Stix 3.0


    Rusty's fin template, the Futures Vector 2 V2FR1 (454) fin set. A Rusty Futures Collaboration for bigger surfers. The removal of the hex from the tip translates to more tip articulation meaning that these fins have a tight turning radius, and they can load up and store energy for an explosive release.

  • Futures Fins - V2 Rasta Quad - Dave Rastovich - Honeycomb


    Futures V2 Rasta Dave Rastovich fin in quad setup in black/bamboo.

  • Futures Fins -FK1- Fiberglass


    The K1 Keel fin is Future's classic Keel Fin design. The Honeycomb core with the classic bamboo inlay give the K1 a medium flex pattern and the big, old-school template generates rail-to-rail speed down the line and provides hold through direction changes. The K1 Keel is the iconic match up with your retro-fish

  • Futures Fins - JB - Runner Carbon


    John Becker designed the JB Runner with 58.9'' of area to give you optimum forward drive during the power phase of the stroke. This will help increase paddles per side, which translates to more controlled tracking and faster travel. The large area will also increase side to side stability, which is great for side chop conditions. The laid back leading edge keeps this fin weed free for oceans, lakes, and rivers.

  • Futures Fins - V2 Roberts - Vector 2 - Honeycomb


    The Roberts (L) Generation Series, designed by Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards, is a large Speed Generating fin with a Ride Number of 7.9. The latest in speed generating fins, the Gen Series features a V2 foil for fluidity and a unique blend of uni-directional carbon and fiberglass for a more stable flex pattern. The Roberts (L) template has a smaller center fin for increased manuverability

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  • Futures Fins - WCT - Honeycomb


    Futures WCT fin. A unique upright template making the fin very fast and pivoty. Designed for tight vertical snaps and critical surfing. For progressive and high performance surfing.

  • Futures Fins - MB2 - Lost-5-Fin - Honeycomb


    A good set of fins. A really good set of fins.

  • Futures - Future ILT Colored Box Set for Thruster.

    from $20.25

    Introducing the new colored boxes from Futures with Interwoven Laminate Technology (ILT). The lightest, strongest fin system in the world now bonds even better to the skin of your board. The cutouts in the ILT Box create a stronger bond without increasing weight, because resin is interwoven between the flange of the box and the fiberglass of the board. The interwoven resin forms pillars that lock the fiberglass to the flange with a solid physical connection. The colored ILT boxes are all made in Huntington Beach, CA. Mix and match for some wild colorful additions to your board.

  • Futures Fins - V2 JC1 - Vector 2 - Black Stix 3.0


    Blackstix 3.0 SAME SPRING. MORE DRIVE. Over the past 10 years the Blackstix have become a staple in the Futures line, proving to be the best option when a lively, speed generating fin is preferred. While intentionally keeping the Ride Number of the Blackstix series in the 10 to 7 range, we've made some critical upgrades to bring you a new & improved ride.

  • Futures Fins - Fuller Quad - Honeycomb


    The Fuller Quad is quickly becoming the go to option in waves of consequence. Consistent with Danny’s performance in this kind of surf, these fins deliver equally impressive results. The fiberglass materials provide stability and control, when you need it most. This Quad Set is providing a new level of drive, hold and control, tailor made for the Quad craze in draining tubes.

  • Futures Fins - Twinzer - Twin Fins - Fiberglass


    Futures Twinzer Twin Fins in Clear Fiberglass.

  • Futures Fins - Simon-Anderson- 5-FIN


    The Simon Anderson 5-fin setup was designed by the inventor of the thruster for the larger surfer looking for big-board performance. The honeycomb material combined with the flat foil offers a stiffer flex pattern ideal to hold powerful carves while the Simon Anderson 5-fin offers full templates for both thruster and quad options, making this fin ideal for the bigger surfer or a board with a wide tail. dimensions size: Large (180lb+) (80kg+) front/center: height: 4.63" base: 4.51" area: 15.80" rear fins: height: 4.36" base: 4.14" area: 13.24"

  • Futures Fins - F8 - Vector 2 - Black Stix 3.0


    The F8 Blackstix fin is one of the most balanced templates we offer, and the largest in our Blackstix lineup. The springy flex pattern of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil give this fin a lively feel, making it an ideal choice for generating speed and increased drive in smaller waves while the thicker tip provides hold when you’re on rail.