Founded in 2005, PureGlass is Southern California’s premier surfboard production facility offering end to end service for shapers big and small. From machine cutting, ghost shaping, airbrushing, glassing, advanced composite construction, and distribution, all seamlessly combined in one facility to produce the best quality work in the industry. Production is not just limited to surfboards; we build boards of all types from carbon foil boards to gliders. Our team of craftsmen are some of the most talented in the industry.

Our factory is organized into several distinct work areas, enabling us to handle many different types of work at any given time. Often you will see carbon paddle boards being made alongside grom shortboards, with some art boards scattered in as well. Our color laminators have a dedicated room where they can bring any of your intricate resin designs to life. Our epoxy laminating room handles all EPS and Epoxy constructions, including carbon fiber work.  Our large multipurpose room is where we build our larger boards and work that generally requires more area to maneuver or for vacuum bagging.  

Our commitment to efficiency is further exemplified by our in-house air brusher, reducing the need for multiple stops in the production process. This not only streamlines production time but also guarantees the highest quality results right from the start. At PureGlass, we go beyond building surfboards and set the benchmark for board craftsmanship in Southern California.